NEW YORK (A.A) - 25.09.2008 - Turkish President Abdullah Gul said Wednesday that, following the process that began in the Annapolis Conference, there exist the best opportunity for the solution of the Palestinian problem.
Gul was decorated with a medal by the New York based Foreign Policy Association for his endeavors and contributions to Middle Eastern peace on Wednesday.
Speaking at the ceremony, Gul said that "we must not lose this opportunity for a solution of the Palestinian problem."
"The division in Palestine is definitely harmful for the peace process," Gul said.
Answering a question on Iraq, Gul noted that "the Kurds are part of Iraq. We look at Iraqi Kurds as a force promoting friendship between Turkey and Iraq."
"The Turks and Turkey have always protected Iraqi Kurds and been a shelter for them," Gul stressed.
In response to a question on terror, Gul said that "there is a strong cooperation between Turkey and the U.S. in the fight against terror."
In regard to another question, Gul said that "basic freedoms and human rights are not in contradiction with Islam." "Turkey is a source of inspiration in the region," Gul also said. Following his speech at the Foreign Policy Association, Gul attended a reception of the "Clinton Global Initiative" in New York. (SOL-CE)