The Bayram holiday which was extended to 9 days witnessed 122 accidents across the country leaving 88 dead and 504 wounded.

The rainy weather was mentioned as an important factor in the high number of accidents.
According to reports 13 people died Sept. 26 11 on the 27th 15 on the 28th and nine on Monday. During the three-day Bayram itself 13 died on Tuesday 21 on Wednesday and six on Thursday.
Some accidents caused more than one death in a single family. In an accident in Yozgat the Tamtekin family who were on their way from Bursa to Sivas to visit relatives crashed into another car belonging to Mehmet Coşkun. The accident caused the deaths of 3 people from the Tamtekin family as well as killing Coşkun.
An accident in Konya's Beyşehir town wounded eight people four of which were children. Officials said they were afraid the number would increase even more before the end of the 9-day holiday.