Three shot dead in Afghan capital

Unknown gunmen have killed three people in the Afghan capital, Kabul, including two foreigners, police said.
The attack took place in front of the offices of the courier company DHL in the Sher Pur area of the city, where many foreigners live.
The nationalities of the foreigners were unclear. The attack comes amid rising violence in Afghanistan.
It comes days after an aid worker with dual South African and British nationality was shot dead in Kabul.
Taleban militants reportedly said they had killed Gayle Williams, 34, because she was working for a Christian group.
In Saturday's incident, there is confusion about the nationalities of the victims. Early reports suggested the two dead foreigners had been Germans.

Police covered the silver, four-wheel-drive vehicle with plastic sheeting. There was blood on the ground and the windscreen.
The BBC's Martin Patience, in Kabul, says that until recently the centre of the capital has been regarded as relatively safe.
But the latest attacks will raise serious safety concerns, especially among foreigners, our correspondent adds. There has been an upsurge in fighting between Taleban rebels and Afghan and international forces in many parts of the country over the past year. In August three foreign women were shot dead south of Kabul.