Brazilians vote in key city polls

President Lula must step down in 2010 at the end of two terms in office

Voting is under way in the second round of Brazil's local elections, regarded as an important test for President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva's Workers' Party.
Voters are choosing mayors and councillors across the country.
The Workers' Party won in many cities in the first round, but appears poised to lose a mayoral run-off in Sao Paulo.
Brazilian mayors are powerful figures, and the elections are seen as an indicator of who may succeed President Lula when he steps down in 2010.
Brazil's constitution limits the president to two consecutive terms and the PT has yet to select a candidate for the presidential election.
In Sao Paulo, the latest opinion polls suggest conservative incumbent Gilberto Kassab is far ahead of Marta Suplicy of the Workers' Party.
The party is also contesting run-offs in Rio De Janeiro and the south-eastern city of Belo Horizonte.
Campaigning for the elections centred on crime, unemployment, health care and education. BBC