Angry cyclist in bookshop rampage

The man pulled bookshelves over during the incident.

A cyclist damaged a charity bookshop and tried to hit a member of staff after being asked to move his bike.
Two staff members and three customers were inside Books for Amnesty in Mill Road, Cambridge, during the incident.
The man, aged in his 20s, pulled over three bookcases which were bolted to a wall, narrowly missing a customer.
When a staff member pursued him out of the shop he tried to hit her. Cambridgeshire Police have appealed for help in tracing him.
One of the women working inside the shop, which raises money for human rights organisation Amnesty International, said she feared for her safety.
'Swung at her'
The woman, who asked not be named, said: "He was raging.
"He put his hand behind the book cases which were bolted to the wall and they all came down together.
"Then he just turned and went out of the shop.
"The woman at the counter took off after him and he turned around and swung at her."
The incident happened when a member of staff asked the man to move his bike which he had leant against the front windows of the shop.
He walked away and the staff member moved the bike but when he returned he entered the shop and confronted the staff.