Gaddafi in Russia for arms talks

Russian ships docked in Libya earlier this month

Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi has arrived in Russia for three days of talks expected to concentrate on boosting energy ties and arms trade.
It is Col Gaddafi's first visit since Soviet times, and follows Vladimir Putin's trip to Libya in April.
The two countries signed several big contracts at the time.
A Russian newspaper quoted a source saying Col Gaddafi would offer Russia a naval base in Libya, though neither country has confirmed the report.
"During these talks the colonel intends to raise the issue of opening a base for Russia's navy in the Libyan port of Benghazi," wrote the business daily Kommersant, quoting a source involved in preparing the visit.
Russia has only one naval base operating in a foreign country - in Sevastopol in Ukraine. But Ukraine's president has made clear he would like that closed when Russia's lease is up in 2017.
Russia has increasingly been looking for military partners abroad.
Russian warships docked in Libya this month before taking part in joint naval exercises with the Venezuelan navy.
Nuclear plans
During Mr Putin's visit - which took place when he was still Russian president - Moscow wrote off billions of dollars of Libyan debt, in exchange for business deals.
They included a multi-billion dollar contract with Russian Railways, and another with Russia's Gazprom for oil and gas development.
Kommersant reported that the Kremlin was dissatisfied with the pace of progress since Mr Putin's visit, and will be hoping to press the Libyan leader over potential arms deals.
Col Gaddafi is reportedly in the market for air defence systems, fighter jets, tanks and combat helicopters, as well as service contracts for its ageing Soviet-built arsenal.
Talks are also likely to take in Libya's plans to produce nuclear energy.
Col Gaddafi was due to dine with President Dmitry Medvedev on Friday, and then Mr Putin, now prime minister, on Saturday.