French ambassador in Ankara said on Saturday that the European Commission's Turkey progress report gave the message that "Turkey was improving, but it could do more".

Meeting journalists at breakfast in the Aegean province of Izmir, French ambassador Bernard Emie said that Turkey and France had intense military, economic and cultural relations.
Noting that France was the second biggest investor in Turkey, Emie said the current trade volume between the two countries was nearly $20 billion.
Commenting on European Commission's latest progress report on Turkey, Emie said the report laid down various factors such as Turkey's improvement in terms of Copengahen criteria or implementation of new arrangements in the Turkish parliament.
The report should not be perceived negatively, Emie said, adding that it tried to say that Turkey could achieve more things.
Emie also said that the period between July 2009 and March 2010 would be "Turkey Season" in France. He said the French would gain a new approach towards Turkey thanks to the activities to be carried out in his country during those days.