The Russian nuclear submarine hit by an accident that killed 20 people has put into port at Bolshoi Kamen near the far eastern port of Vladivostok, a shipyard official there told AFP.

"The bodies of the dead have already been taken to Bolshoi Kamen, Vladivostok and Nakhodka" and included both military and civilian personnel, the spokesman for the Vostok shipyard in the port said.
Bolshoi Kamen is situated about 40 kilometers (25 miles) by sea, or 130 kilometers (80 miles) by road, from Vladivostok, the Russian Pacific Fleets home port.
A separate vessel, the destroyer Admiral Trubits, earlier evacuated 22 people who were injured in the accident to Vladivostok where they were being treated in the fleets main hospital, officials said.
The accident, the worse Russian submarine disaster since the Kursk sank in August 2000, occurred Saturday when the submarines fire extinguishing system was accidentally triggered, the Russian navy said.
It was not immediately clear how the mishap occurred. Submarine fire control systems often use chemical fire-suppressing agents, and hospital sources said the injured had suffered from varying degrees of poisoning.