Iraqi government called on Turkish companies to make investments in economic and commercial areas in Iraq.

In an exclusive interview with the A.A correspondent, Iraqi Trade Minister Abd al-Falah al-Sudani said there were many economic and commercial investment opportunities in Iraq.
"Iraq is safe now. There are many opportunities and facilities for any country that is eager to make investments," he said.
Al-Sudani said Iraq had confidence in Turkish companies and bilateral relations could be improved through the investments and it would be in the advantage of the two countries.
Al-Sudani said actual trade volume between Turkey and Iraq could exceed $5 billion this year, "we expect it to exceed $10 billion next year.
Relations between Turkey and Iraq are based on mutual confidence, cooperation and friendship."
Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said 2008 and 2009 would be years of development and investment for Iraq, and a very high share was earmarked from the budget for this.
Iraqi Parliament earlier adopted a decision to allocate $14.8 billion from 2009 budget for investment and development.