Turkey expects the new U.S. administration to take into consideration Turkey's sensitivities on matters which have vital importance, Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan said Thursday.

"I sincerely congratulate Barack Obama and his team who won the elections. Turkey and the United States, being two allies that have very strong relations, supporting each other for more than half a century," the Turkish prime minister said during his speech entitled "Turkey's role in giving a shape to the future" at Columbia University.
Erdogan said close cooperation between the two parties contributed to the restoration of peace, security and prosperity in a region extending from the Caucasus to Central Asia and from the Middle East to the Balkans.
Preservation of a strategic partnership between Turkey and the United States is not only important for the national interests of the two countries but for global peace and stability as well, he added.
"Turkey and the United States experienced a negative period regarding terrorist attacks stemming from the north of Iraq and Armenian allegations regarding the 1915 incidents in 2007. However, this period could be overcome through common political will and endeavors. I am grateful for the support given to Turkey in this respect. Further improvement of relations progressing on the basis of strategic partners is very important for Turkey," Erdogan was quoted by the Anatolian Agency as saying.
In addition to relations on politics and security, tangible steps should be taken in diversifying economic, commercial, social and cultural relations, he added.
"Turkey is resolved to maintain multilateral and close cooperation with the new U.S. administration led by Mr. Obama. Naturally, we particularly expect the new U.S. administration to take into consideration Turkey's sensitivities on matters which have vital importance. This is also important not only for the bilateral relations but also for peace and security," Erdogan said.
"It is important that Mr. Obama said U.S. support to efforts to deal with terrorism would continue. We believe that cooperation and spirit of solidarity between Turkey and the United States would continue to be a landmark of strategic relations," the Turkish prime minister added.