ISTANBUL - Trabzonspor’s visit to Gençlerbirliği may not be the most thrilling test of the Turkcell Super League's 11th week, but it is bound to be dramatic for Ersun Yanal, as the Turkish coach will lead his side at the stadium where he enjoyed his own peak success.

Yanal made his mark on Turkish football with the attacking football he had Gençlerbirliği play during the 2002 and 2004 seasons.

Gençlerbirliği enjoyed a club record third place in 2003, and advanced to the fourth round in the UEFA Cup next year, before Yanal was brought to the Turkish national football team helm.

His second visit to Ankara was not as glorious, however, as he agreed to coach the Red-Blacks for a second time last season, but the deal fell through only days after.

This time, he will lead Trabzonspor, playing at Ankara’s 19 Mayıs Stadium, hoping to extend his side’s league lead to another week.