Major players like the United States and the European Union (EU) should also join the stability and cooperation platform in the Caucasus proposed by Turkey, the senior Ukrainian envoy in Turkey told the state-run Anatolian Agency on Monday.

Turkey proposed the establishment of a Caucasian Cooperation and Stability Platform after a brief war broke out in August between Russia and Georgia.
"Big actors like the EU and the United States should also take part in the platform, besides Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia and Russia because it will be difficult to develop this initiative without them," Sergiy Korsunsky, the newly appointed Ukrainian ambassador to Turkey, told the agency.
He said the initiative could not be achieved without these major players.
Korsunsky said his country would become a full member of NATO when it was economically, politically and militarily ready, and added Ukraine's participation in the NATO membership action plan is important.
Korsunsky also said he was pleased with Turkey's support to this membership.
The ambassador said Ukraine was attaching importance to Georgia's territorial integrity. "Therefore, we will never accept the so-called independence of Abkhazia and Ossetia," he said.
On Turkey's EU membership bid, Korsunsky said he thought the EU was a bit afraid of Turkey and Ukraine because the two countries were large and strong.
"Therefore, the EU is not sure whether it could digest countries like ours," he said.
Korsunsky said that it took too much to launch full membership negotiations between Turkey and the EU, adding he thought that Turkey was ready to become an EU member more quickly than many other countries.
"When Turkey becomes a member, it will enrich the EU politically, economically and culturally. It is also same with Ukraine," Korsunsky said.