A potential process with Iran is already in place, U.S. State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said Wednesday referring to the Turkish prime minister's offer to mediate in the international row over Iran's nuclear program.

"Look, there's already a potential process in place for the Iranians should they choose to accept, the P-5+1 process (made up of five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council plus Germany). It has the backing of the Security Council," McCormack told at a daily press briefing.
Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan said earlier this month that Turkey could play a positive role as a mediator in the stalled negotiation with Iran over its nuclear program.

"We, of course, encourage anybody with an interest in this issue, and I would suggest that any of Iran's neighbors would have an interest in Iran
hurriyetnot having a nuclear weapon, to use whatever influence they have with Iran to encourage them to take up the offer of the P-5+1," McCormack added.

The U.S. does not object to Iran's possessing peaceful nuclear energy, he said after being reminded of Erdogan's remarks that Ankara does not object Iran possessing nuclear energy for peace purposes.

The U.S. along with the Security Council and the P-5+1 objected to Iran's possessing the full fuel cycle, McCormack added.

"We don't have a problem with -- peaceful energy and nuclear – I mean, that is one reason why we act

ually encouraged Iran to look at the Bushehr model as a way of their having peaceful nuclear energy. The key to that particular model is the fuel take-back provision, so they have access to this peaceful nuclear energy, but they don't have access to the technology and know-how and the materials that might be used afterwards in a nuclear weapons program," he said.

On the recent energy cooperation agreement between Ankara and Tehran, McCormack said the Iranian government had the habit of signing agreements that did not actually have any practical effect other than making nice headlines.

Ankara and Tehran signed Tuesday an accord reinforcing agreements to develop Iran’s gas fields and in the transit of Iranian gas to Europe at the rate of 35 billion cubic meters.