ISTANBUL - The number of casualties in traffic accidents during Bayram holiday exceeded 100, while the number of injured people exceeded 600.

In 161 separate accidents around the country from Dec. 5 to the last day of Bayram, Dec. 11, 103 people died and 603 were injured, Doğan news agency, reported. Snow, speeding, and mistakes led to accidents. Friday, when people hit the road for Bayram holiday, six people died while 56 were injured. However, starting from Arife Day, which is one day before Bayram, to the last day of Bayram, 83 people in total died. Tuesday, the second day of Bayram appeared to be the day on which the highest number of casualties occurred as 26 people died.

Meanwhile, yesterday up until late afternoon, 11 people died in traffic accidents in several places around the country, while 24 people were injured. The total number deaths with yesterday’s accidents reached 114. The accident with the most number of deaths occurred in the southern province of Manisa. Seven people died and one was injured as two cars crashed near the city of Akhisar.

Meanwhile, over the weekend eastern regions of Turkey will have fog and icy conditions, while western Turkey expects mild rain, private NTVMSBC news site reported. Experts warn drivers going to eastern Turkey to beware of ice and frost, while fog also may decrease the visibility. Rainfall in the Aegean and Marmara regions is not expected to be strong but might affect transportation.