ANKARA - A recently published statement has revealed the lives of lawyers in Turkey are continually threatened, with 15 lawyers killed in the last nine years.

Turkey’s Bar Association, or TBB, said 15 lawyers had been killed and 239 lawyers were attacked in the past nine years. Lawyers fear for their lives when they work on sensitive issues, especially lawyers who execute seizures of property and other high risk jobs, said the statement published on TBB’s Web site.

Savaş Bedir was killed in a house Oct. 21, 2001, where he went to execute the seizure of goods. Another lawyer, Vural Çelik, was killed by a person who had psychological problems, May 3, 2006. Gümüşhane Bar President Ali Günday was shot dead because of his attitude towards the controversial Islamic headscarf.

Lawyer Bekir Aytekin, registered with Muğla Bar, died Nov. 14, 2008, after being shot. Aytekin was working on a divorce case in Köyçeğiz district of Muğla and killed by Z.Ç. who followed the lawyer and shot him dead.