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Gazprom claims Ukraine siphons Balkans' supplies
Turkey became the latest country to say it was feeling the impact of the gas cut which Russia launched against Ukraine on New Year's day in a dispute over debts and pricing.

The volumes from Russia via Ukraine had fallen 5 percent, though this had not posed any problems, Reuters quoted a senior energy ministry official as saying.

Ukraine and Russia blamed each other for disrupting gas flows to Europe on Sunday and the reductions in supplies caused by their dispute spread to Turkey and the Czech Republic.

Earlier Poland, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria also said they were affected by fall in supplies.

The European Union, which gets about a fifth of its gas from pipelines that cross Ukraine, has demanded that transit and supply contracts be honored. EU president the Czech Republic said it would not get involved directly in the row.

The EU has called an emergency meeting of envoys for Monday to discuss the dispute, which has again placed Russia's reputation as a reliable gas supplier under intense scrutiny.

Russia, long at odds with its neighbor over its ambition to join NATO, has accused Kiev of stealing gas intended for Europe; but Ukraine hit back by alleging Moscow was cutting flows by more than half through a key export pipeline.

"Naftogaz considers the actions of Gazprom as threatening the energy security of Ukraine and Europe, which could bring unpredictable consequences for the entire gas transit system of Europe," Ukraine's state energy company said in a statement.

A similar gas row briefly disrupted supplies to Europe three years ago. That crisis prompted calls for the EU to diversify its energy supplies, but it has struggled to break its reliance on Russian gas. Gazprom forecasts EU dependence will grow.