Taxpayers in Turkey left unpaid 21.9 billion TL ($13.1 billion) of a total of 190 billion TL ($114 billion) in accrued taxes in 2008, which equals to 8.7 percent of the total amount, the figures released by the General Directorate of Public Accounts of the Finance Ministry revealed.

According to the figures, a total of 168 billion TL ($101 billion) was paid by taxpayers in 2008. This figure represents the equivalent of payment of 88.5 TL for every 100 TL of tax debt, revealing a 2 point decline compared to 2007.

The outstanding 6.7 billion TL ($4 billion) of assessed income tax debt consists mostly of unpaid accrued taxes.

The total of unpaid tax debt also includes outstanding value added tax debt of 6.4 billion TL ($3.8 billion), corporate taxes totaling 2.4 billion TL ($1.43 billion) and 2.1 billion TL ($1.25) of unpaid motor vehicles tax, the figures revealed.