Computer screen 'tan' tricks thousands

Skcin organised the campaign to warn of the dangers of sunbathing

A website offering the chance to get a tan from computer screens has been revealed as a hoax.
The webpage said users could download software which would enable screens to convert the light system in monitors to produce UV rays.
The professional-looking site promised a "Tan-tastic" year-round appearance.
It was organised by the skin cancer charity Skcin to help raise awareness of the dangers of sun beds and skin cancer rates in general in the UK.
It's attracted almost 200,000 people keen to check out the offer of a free tan courtesy of their computer screens.
'Serious issue'
But people who signed up expecting to top up their tans were instead confronted with a number of alarming facts and figures about the dangers of skin cancer.
A spokesperson for the charity said: "This is an astonishing response and has undoubtedly helped raise awareness of the dangers of skin cancer in this country."
It is the most common form of cancer in young adults, and is largely preventable.