BODRUM - It is already Turkey’s most popular holiday spot, but Bodrum continues to improve in other aspects, such as local administration.

Bodrum has welcomed delegates from six countries for the Mediterranean Local Administration Partnership Program meetings, which started Tuesday. Delegates from Italy, Morocco, Lebanon, Croatia, Macedonia and Turkey gathered in the western city of Muğla.

Speaking at the meeting, Galip Gür, the vice president of the World’s Most Beautiful Bays Union, praised Bodrum, underlining its importance for Turkey.

"Bodrum is the only Turkish district in the union," said Gür. "The union gives great importance to preserving nature while developing tourism. Bodrum is drawing the attention of other local administrations in Turkey."

Bodrum Mayor Mazlum Ağan also underlined the acclaimed position Bodrum among the other world cities.

"We are happy to host such an important organization," said Ağan. "In recent years, we have improved Bodrum’s international relations and in the long term, our efforts will pay off, just as the promotional campaigns held by the Bodrum Municipality did in the past.

"Tourism started in the 1960s and really developed during the 1980s," Ağan said. "Bodrum’s original place will always be kept."

The Bodrum Municipality also issued a statement after the meeting.

Targets declared

"Three Mediterranean and five European cities participated in the program, which focused on sustainable development, water management, urban planning, cultural activities and supporting young entrepreneurs. For that, there will be special works to get the local people to get involved," said the municipality.

Fabiana Farra, the project manager of the Mediterranean Local Administration Partnership Program also praised Bodrum, voicing her happiness that the meetings are being held in the town.