ZONGULDAK - Through new technology, the General Directorate of Forestry is keeping a close watch on the Karabük, İzmir, Muğla and Antalya forests, which are defined by the Early Fire Warning System as sensitive forest areas. The new warning system includes alerting fire departments and immediate intervention with the Fire Management System in case of a fire.

Cameras were positioned in strategic locations in the forest. The cameras will help detect a fire in 10 to 25 seconds and then sound an alarm. "We take all the necessary precautions in fighting forest fires. Two cameras were put in the Karabük forests within the Early Fire Warning System," said Turgut Gül, protection branch manager of Zonguldak Regional Forest Directorate.

"The cameras can film the forest via the Internet. We manage the cameras from Zonguldak. It is also possible to watch the fires from miles away, and to take precautions from that distance. This system is a big step toward the protection of the forests," he said.

The Forest General Directorate has continual access to the various equipments used in extinguishing the forest fires on the computer system, Gül said.

"After the Early Fire Warning System sounds an alarm, the Fire Management System sets in. The next step is to allocate the nearest fire teams. Both systems are of great importance to the protection of the environment. The success of the camera system has also grabbed the attention of some other countries. Only Turkey and Germany have this fire system. Germany set it up at 350,000 Turkish Liras and the cost of the system amounted to 45,000 liras just in Karabük," Gül added.