The lawyers of former İstanbul police chief and current Osmaniye Governor Celalettin Cerrah have said that Süreyya Karabulut, the father of murder victim Münevver Karabulut, has been defaming Cerrah and warned that they would take legal action against him if he continues to act in the same manner.

In a press release issued by Cerrah's lawyers, Cevdet Yavuz and Ayhan Günay, it was noted that Karabulut's claims, recently reported by newspapers and TV stations, violate Cerrah's rights. “Süreyya Karabulut, the grieving father of notoriously murdered Münevver Karabulut, has, for some time, been voicing unfounded, untrue and defamatory claims and libel in the media about our client, Celalettin Cerrah, concerning his office as the İstanbul police chief. Our client as well as the officials working as his subordinates duly performed their duties and wielded their powers and authorities in full compliance with all relevant laws,” the statement argued.

Acknowledging the sorrow experienced by the family of the victim, the lawyers stressed that the claims recently voiced by Karabulut are unacceptable and noted that if they are repeated, the lawyers will take necessary legal action to protect the rights of their client. The decapitated body of Münevver Karabulut, 17, was found in a bag inside a dumpster in İstanbul's Etiler district on March 5, with her head inside a guitar case on top of the bag. Since then police have been searching for the girl's boyfriend, Cem Garipoğlu, in connection with the murder. Karabulut recently claimed that primary suspect Garipoğlu, the nephew of famous businessman Hayyam Garipoğlu, had been apprehended by the police shortly after the murder but was later released.