Turkish Interior Minister Beşir Atalay had a meeting with the leader of Democratic Society Party (DTP) Ahmet Türk within the scope of government's "democratic move" aiming to find a solution to Kurdish issue.

Following the meeting, Atalay told reporters that they held a fruitful meeting with Türk.
"We inform political parties on our works (within the scope of "democratic move") during meetings. We get their views on the matter," Atalay said.
"It is Türkey's project of brotherhood and tranquility. Türkey is a great country. We must have self-confidence. We can solve this problem. The government has earlier achieved great successes in such matters," he said.
DTP leader Türk said that Türkey was passing through an important process and politicians were working to put an end to pains which have been experienced by the people for 30 years.
"We are also exerting efforts to put an end to these pains. We hope that these efforts will not cause disappointment. We are hopeful. Everyone saw that problems cannot be settled through weapons, violence and operations. It is a significant process. We, as a political party, are ready to fulfill our task," Türk said.
"We aim at finding a solution to the matter, not dissolving Türkey as somebody claimed. Our efforts aim to ensure a communal compromise," he said.
Replying to a question, Türk said that all political parties should exert efforts for communal compromise.