Support for a governmental move to solve the country's longstanding Kurdish question through peaceful methods has come flowing in from all across Turkey, including western provinces.

Nongovernmental organizations in western Turkey have voiced their expectations for the settlement of the Kurdish question within the boundaries of democracy. “The question will be solved with the contribution of all segments of society. It is the first time the government is including the public in the solution process. The public was excluded from previous processes, which ended in failure. You can solve a problem by listening to the public's views on the issue. The government is not saying that it will solve the problem.
It is asking for contribution from the society for a solution,” stated Mehmet Aydoğan, chairman of the İzmir Civil Society Organizations Platform.
Ramadan Davulcuoğlu, chairman of the Federation for Aegean and Western Mediterranean Industrialists and Businessmen's Associations (ESİDEF), noted that the solution to the Kurdish problem would contribute to the improvement of the country's economy.
“The government is doing a needed thing at the right time. It is not possible for the economy to prosper in a place where democracy does not reign. You cannot reach your objectives through fights. Our statesmen have rolled up their sleeves for a very good initiative. Our people and country need this initiative,” he said.
According to Hazim Sesli, chairman of the Young Businessmen's Confederation of Turkey (TÜGİK), the Kurdish problem can be solved through dialogue and consultation.
“The Kurdish question is Turkey's bleeding wound. Ongoing efforts to settle this question are a strong sign of our country's ambition to become a more democratic place. I see these efforts as a project which will bring a stronger economy to our country. Its negative sides may be neutralized through social compromise,” Sesli remarked.
Diyarbakır would be like Paris without terror

Vural Öger, a German minister of European Parliament of Turkish origin and also chairman of Öger Holding, called on all political figures to support the government's Kurdish initiative and said the southeastern province of Diyarbakır would be as prosperous and attractive as Paris if it had not been struck by terror for years.
“This is not the problem of a single political party. It is the problem of Turkey. Ethnic diversity should be deemed richness. Turkey has a chance at the moment to settle this years-old problem. I hope the opposition will adopt a constructive approach. As the prime minister said, homes from Edirne to Hakkari are struck with pain. We should stop all this grieving. What do the critics of this initiative want? Do they want pain to continue? Some say Turkey lost $200 billion fighting terror, and others say it is $300 billion. If this amount had been invested in Turkey, schools across the country would have computers. Diyarbakır would be like Paris,” Öger noted.