Also called sehri, sahari and sahur in other languages, this is the meal Muslims eat early in the morning before fasting during Ramadan. It is eaten before the sun rises and before the dawnprayer.

The Prophet Muhammad called suhoor a blessed meal. Muslims eat suhoor for a range of reasons, particularly because doing so is following the Sunnah (the deeds of the Prophet Muhammad). For some, it makes the fast easier, and for others it increases the desire to continue to fast. Many consider the greatest blessing of eating suhoor to be that God engulfs those who partake in suhoor with his forgiveness, showers his mercy on them and his angels ask him to forgive. The prophet said: “Eating suhoor is blessed. Do not neglect it even if you take a gulp of water because God and his angels invoke blessings upon those who partake in the pre-dawn meal.”

22 August 2009, Saturday