MERSIN - Anatolia News Agency
Archeologists have unearthed two skulls belonging to the Hittite period in Yumuktepe tumulus in the southern province of Mersin.
The head of the excavation team, Italian Professor Isabella Caneva, told the Anatolia news agency Sunday that team members had found two skulls from the Hittite period and seals from the Neolithic period in Yumuktepe tumulus, or burial mound, one of the oldest settlement areas in Anatolia.
Caneva said that the skulls dated from 1,500 B.C., and the two seals, which were rare in Anatolia, from 6,500 B.C. She added that the seals were among the important findings unearthed in Turkey thus far.
This year’s excavation in Yumuktepe tumulus will be completed Sept. 3.