A Turkish lieutenant has been arrested for allegedly causing the deaths of four soldiers after making one of them hold a hand grenade as punishment for sleeping while on duty, according to reports on Wednesday.

A funeral is being held for soldiers killed in a blast, at a military hospital in the eastern province of Elazığ. AA Photo
The lieutenant allegedly gave the grenade to conscript İbrahim Öztürk after removing its pin, saying it would not explode unless he took his finger off the handle, Doğan News Agency reported.
The soldier rejoined the other conscripts at his post near after the lieutenant left saying he would later come back to return the pin, according to the report.
The grenade, however, detonated after the soldier struggled to keep hold of it, the report said.
Four soldiers, including Öztürk, were killed in the incident that took place in the Karakoçan district of the eastern province of Elazığ on Aug. 17.
Officials said at the time the soldiers died when a hand grenade went off accidentally.
The lieutenant was arrested following an investigation, Dogan News Agency said