Fenerbahçe overcame a hard-battling Diyarbakırspor side and constant pressure from supporters to win with three points in the Turkcell Super League game Monday.
The Yellow Canaries beat the southeastern side 3-1 to maintain their unbeaten run in the division and remain in the second spot, behind archrival Galatasaray, three weeks into the football season.
The victory did not come easily, however, as Diyarbakırspor took an early lead with Thierry Tazemeta in the 20th minute. Fenerbahçe bounced back in the 36th minute with a goal to remember: Right back Gökhan Gönül placed a classy lob after more than 10 passes by his teammates.
Turkish winger Kazım Kazım took the lead for Fenerbahçe 10 minutes into the second half and a penalty kick by captain Semih Şentürk capped the win for the Yellow Canaries.
Although the game was a fine one to watch, with quality goals and a tough battle, it was marred by a barrage of objects thrown from the stands. Diyarbakırspor fans’ inexplicable anger continued after the match as well; they threw objects at Fenerbahçe supporters before police stopped them with water cannons and pepper gas.
Speaking after the game, Fenerbahçe chairman Aziz Yıldırım urged Diyarbakırspor fans to calm down.
“Diyarbakırspor is a good team, but its fans should bear in mind that its rivals are not Fenerbahçe, Galatarasaray or Beşiktaş,” he said. “Those teams will visit Diyarbakır, and are most likely to win. But the fans should support their team calmly.”
Home team coach Ziya Doğan said the fans’ tension was not helpful at all.
“We may be punished for these events,” he said. “These things may harm the team. Diyarbakırspor did not progress to the top tier easily. We should not ruin it.”