Dogan News Agency: Istanbul
The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s branch of the architect’s chamber has objected to the city’s provincial landscaping plan, saying it neglects the city and its residents and only serves to create means to unearned income for international companies.
“They even have an artificial island proposal for the Marmara Sea. They probably want to transform Istanbul into Dubai,” said Yıldız Uysal, one of the organizers of the petition against the municipality’s landscaping plan.
Released on the chamber’s official Web site, the petition focuses on 21 articles of the plan the group argues would be harmful to the natural structure of Istanbul. The 800-page plan for provincial landscaping includes an article that reads: “Artificial islands with ‘social activity island’ status for activities such as tourism, recreation, entertainment, festivals and gatherings may be built in the Marmara Sea according to the opinions of related foundations.”
The chamber of architects has honed in on the idea of an artificial island, saying it is an example of an insensitive approach that will not protect the city’s natural structure. The petition also included information on two locations that had been determined for the building of such islands at Kartal and Küçükçekmece.
Other articles of the plan that met with objections from the architects included the proposed tourism center northeast of Akfırat, which the group says would be harmful to the forest in the area, and the idea of building a third airport for the city in Silivri, an agricultural area.
The architects pointed out that natural protection areas, or SİTs, were described one by one in the 2006 plan, but not in this new one.
The group also opposes the development of industrial areas near the western border of the city and several urbanization and industrialization plans that they say would harm water resources and forests.