ISTANBUL – Referans
Improvements in the economy are being reflected in the number of job advertisements being sent to human-resources companies, which have increased 10 percent since last March.
The leading sectors looking for employees since the second half of 2009 are the health, pharmaceutical, sales and marketing and retail sectors. Human-resources companies say the development is a hopeful sign for the future.
“The ÖTV [private consumption tax] discount provided with the package of economic measures has reactivated the sectors. Since March, a lot of firms have announced they will hire more employees,” said Aylin Coşkun Nazlıaka, an executive partner at Human Resources Management, who noted that companies that were practicing austerity due to the psychological effects of the crisis have started to hire again.
“The increase in consumption has been effective in reducing the effects of the crisis as well,” she added. “The employment decrease in the automotive, textile and production sectors has stopped.”
Noting that there has been a particular increase in the need to fill management positions, Nazlıaka said the past six months had primarily seen openings due to changes at the executive level. “However, because of the increase in business in recent times, there has been a five percent increase in middle-level executive positions while the wage policies remain the same as last year,” she added.
HR Web sites receiving more applications
The boost in employment is also reflected on the advertisement pages of Turkey’s leading career Web sites, which have seen a 10 to 25 percent increase in the number of postings.
Deniz Ceylan Kılıçlıoğlu, the general manager for, said the site had seen a considerable increase, especially in the fields of education, health and retail. “We made a balance sheet for employment over the period of the last six months and determined the sectors and positions that had the busiest traffic in terms of looking for jobs and personnel,” she added. “The new CVs uploaded to in the last two months show a 15 percent increase compared to the previous six months. When we look at the positions searched on our Web site, sales representative, account representative, sales advisor, secretary and supervisor make up the list of the top five.”
The site, which hosts 7.3 million CVs and 17,000 job postings, has also seen a 10 percent increase in employment ads since March, according to General Manager Okan Tütüncü. “The number of firms publishing job advertisements decreased by 15 percent during the period in which the economic crisis made its effects felt,” he said. “Right now, it is completely the opposite and there has been an increase in the firms publishing job advertisements.”
Asiye Özçelik Yıldırım, the sales and marketing director for Adecco Türkiye, said there has been a 25 percent increase in the number of companies looking to hire employees compared to the early period of the crisis, when companies were only looking to fill the most necessary and urgent openings. “In this process, the firms focus on general managers or deputy general managers who have experience in and qualifications for managing crisis,” she added. “For the middle levels, the focus is on sales, finance and human resources.”
The international job-search site Monster only became active in Turkey in the last quarter of 2008, when the effects of the global economic crisis were being felt most strongly. But Güray Mert, the company’s developing markets director for the European region, said there has been a serious increase in the number of job advertisements since May 2009, with companies seeking to fill positions both in Turkey and on the international market.