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Southwestern coast of Turkey has been the center of attraction for many tourists during the summertime, but some people, they come to stay. For the ones who plan to buy property in Turkey, the time is right, says a consultant

SCENERY: The magnificent scenery of the southwestern coast of Turkey attracts property owners to the area.
During the summer, many tourists chose to visit the southwestern coast of Turkey to enjoy the warm and reliable summer weather, the hospitality of the Turkish people, nature’s bountiful harvest of fruit and the magnificent Western Taurus Mountains that form a back drop to the stunning turquoise coast. There is something to do for every hour of the day and numerous opportunities for romantic nights out and lively entertainment. But why limit these delights to a mere week or two a year?
Settling down in the Riviera
Annette Ertan, a certified translator and a consultant for German property owners, has lived in Turkey for more than 20 years. In her opinion now is an excellent time for buying property in Turkey.
“Being outside the Euro zone, the Turkish Lira is a competitive currency,” she says “And properties on the coast are offering excellent value for both tourists and businesses alike.”
According to her, the real estate market on the Turkish coast is full of potential for companies and individuals to snap up some extraordinary bargains either for holiday purposes or as a business investment for the medium term.
Germans choose the South
It seems that each nationality has its favorite area for settling down, and Germans mostly choose Antalya and Alanya in the South or Bodrum in the West. Some prefer the organized complexes of coastal resorts while others favor the undeveloped areas of the mountains and hillside villages, far away from the beaches and bright lights. Kuzuağaç and Yalıkavak near Bodrum have attracted Germans who opt for a more individual lifestyle offered by unspoiled villages. Ertan said building regulations are strictly enforced in the area, limiting development and keeping new property in line with the surrounding area.
A very different but nonetheless spectacular area is Belek near Antalya. Kerim Balıktay, owner of Properties Antalya and the head of the Alanya Real Estate Agencies Association, has years of experience selling properties to foreigners in the area. The numbers living there now warrant a local, German-language TV channel. Balıktay believes the global economic situation has made this the perfect time for buyers in the area, with prices low and choice extensive.
“Really this is the best possible time to buy,” he says. “Our knowledge of the market through the association means that our understanding and experience of the housing market is second to none.”
For those who make Southwest Turkey their destination of choice, there is the rich and ancient history of the country, the spectacular mountain ranges, varied coast line stretching out for kilometers and guaranteed optimal summer weather, all making each day spent here a dream come true. For this reason, once tasted, the enchantments of Anatolia become positively addictive. Buying into this lifestyle and owning a property here makes paradise that much more accessible.