One of Turkey’s leading news channels has entered a new season of broadcasting, adding fresh programs and faces to its daily schedule.
Co-owned by Time Warner and the Doğan Media Group, CNNTürk has surmounted the obstacles of the current financial downturn as it launches a new set of programs while expanding across Turkey over the next two weeks. Programs will also be streamed live online.
As part of the new season, the morning meetings held daily by the management team to discuss the news agenda will be broadcast live, in what CNN calls its “Open Kitchen.” Executive Editor Mehmet Ali Birand says this new feature will give viewers a deeper insight into the day’s topics.
Another new program set to air every Monday is “Behind the Curtain,” hosted by Fatih Çekirge and Yavuz Oğhan and featuring formerly closed-door debates over difficult issues that are often overlooked.
“Experience Talks” will also see key issues debated and discussed by experienced journalists. Hasan Cemal and Cengiz Çandar will host the program every Monday at 8 p.m.
Each weekday night at 11:15 p.m., Saba Tümer will host a talk show where she will interview guests, while each weekend Aysegül Savur and Çinar Oskay will team up to review the latest developments on the culture, arts and fashion scenes.
All new programs will be broadcast as of Sept. 1.
The Hürriyet Daily News & Economic Review is also a member of the Doğan Media Group.

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