KONYA - Anatolia News Agency
A device developed in Turkey that reportedly provides up to 30 percent in savings in fuel consumption is now being exported to more than 20 countries worldwide.

"EKO-66," invented by Talat Mollaoğlu, can be used in all engines operating with liquefied petroleum gas, or LPG, benzine and diesel. Mollaoğlu has obtained a patent for the device, which has drawn increasing attention.

Noting that dealers have opened in four cities nationwide, Mollaoğlu said that teams are sent to install the device in other cities. “People are showing great interest in my device. Based on the principle of using fuel more efficiently by enabling the burning of raw fuel in exhaust gas, the device provides up to 30 percent savings in fuel and reduces environmental pollution considerably.”

Mollaoğlu noted that the device can be used not only in automobiles but also in sea vehicles and trains. “We installed our device in a train owned by the Turkish State Railways, and the practice proved to be a success. We have also installed it in boats, cargo ships and passenger ships as well as in buses and agricultural machines. At present, all customers have expressed satisfaction.”

The firm, which was initially sold just in Turkey, has started to send the device abroad, he said, adding: “We send the device to more than 20 countries, including Chile, New Zealand, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg and the United States. We will sign distributorship agreements in all European Union countries.”

Saver devices get attention

Due to the recent consecutive price hikes in fuel prices, saver devices have been receiving increased demand, Mollaoğlu said, adding that many citizens that complain about high prices prefer EKO-66. The device receives demand both at home and abroad, he said.

The device, which is “a source of pride for the Turkish nation,” is environmentally friendly, according to Mollaoğlu. “This device, which is totally Turkish-made, is used in automobiles in many countries,” he said, expressing his expectation of support from the government.

The price of the EKO-66 fuel saver device ranges between 500 to 2,000 Turkish Liras, excluding value added tax.

EKO-66 transforms all types of gas and liquid fuels containing hydrocarbon molecules from low-power “para state” to high-power “ortho state.” It works with 12 and 24 volts of energy and combines the fuel with oxygen, the second main material in the formation of the burning process. It is an eco-friendly electromagnetic device that converts neutral fuel molecules into a positive state, and by means of all that process, decreases the level of carbon monoxide gas, which is harmful for human health and the environment.