ISTANBUL – Hürriyet Daily News
The record-breaking tax fine levied against Doğan Media Group topped the news in the Turkish press on Wednesday.
Many newspapers included the story on their front pages, and some of them lead with the tax levy report. All of them highlighted the huge amount of the tax fine, which is by far more than the market value of many large Turkish companies, including Ülker, Arçelik and Tofaş; it is also more than the current market value of all Doğan Group companies.
The daily Taraf was among the newspapers that put the story on its first page. The daily’s headline, “Fierce fine in fierce fight,” addressed the conflict between the Doğan Group and the ruling Justice and Development Party, or AKP. “The Finance [officials] levied an unprecedented tax fine of 3.7 billion Turkish Liras against the Doğan Group, which sometimes broadcasts its opposition to the government,” the daily wrote.
Daily Yeni Şafak, which is known as a pro-government newspaper, led with the tax fine report on Wednesday with the headline, “Record-breaking fine against Aydın Doğan.” Finance ministry officials levied a 3.755 billion-lira fine against the Doğan Group, “which evaded tax by fraudulently transferring shares,” the daily wrote. The pro-government daily Sabah also led with the same story: “Historical fine against Doğan.” Daily Zaman also ran the story on its first page.
Doğan Group newspaper Milliyet ran the story from its first page, “The world has not seen a fine like this,” while daily Vatan, which also belongs to the group, wrote, “What is this fine for?” Daily Hürriyet printed the story at the top of its front page, under the headline, “A fine that is unique in the world.”