Two days after seven soldiers were killed by the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK, the pro-Kurdish party called on both the terrorists and the military to refrain from opening fire on each other Thursday.

“The normalization process requires everyone’s sensitivity. The military operations should be halted and the PKK should not attack the army,” Ahmet Türk, co-chairperson of the Democratic Society Party, or DTP, told reporters following a meeting with the Asssociation for Human Rights and Solidarity for Oppressed People, or Mazlum-Der, a conservative nongovernmental organization. The DTP began meeting with NGOs on Thursday to ask for their support for the move launched by the government. Türk and co-chairperson Emine Ayna are planning to meet with several NGOs in the coming days.

Türk’s statement came two days after seven soldiers were killed in southeastern Anatolia in ambushes with the PKK. “I got upset with the killings. But this shouldn’t stop the efforts to find a lasting solution to the problem,” Türk said.

“From the very beginning we have always said the same thing,” Türk said. “If military operations are conducted during this opening process, unfortunately we may be faced with such unwanted deaths and pains.”

The DTP officials denied that their meetings with the NGOs were linked with those of Interior Minister Beşir Atalay’s. Atalay held various meetings with different segments of the society to get the pulse of the nation for the Kurdish move.

The government is planning to take the issue to the Parliament in October despite the opposition’s refusal to discuss the matter.

Sat, 12 Sep 2009 09:45:00