German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Bundesbank board member Thilo Sarrazin's controversial remarks about Turks, Arabs and Muslims were unacceptable, daily Hürriyet reported Friday.
"Many Turks live in Germany, and I think most of them have adapted really well," Merkel told Hürriyet in an interview.
Merkel said it was not possible to accept Sarrazin's claims that Turkish, Arab and African immigrants were making Germany "more stupid."
In his latest book, "Germany Does Itself In," Sarrazin also claims that Muslim immigration and a high birth rate among Turkish immigrants will harm the country's long-term economic potential.
Bundesbank on Thursday voted to seek Sarrazin's dismissal, the Berliner Zeitung newspaper reported.
"It is the paramount duty of the German state to actively incorporate immigrants into our society," Merkel said. "We would like to present all the possibilities of an open country to our immigrant citizens. These people should receive their share from social, economic and cultural life. But we also expect them to actively ask for this and show effort."
Merkel called Sarrazin's remark that immigrants were making Germany "more stupid" a "ridiculous" claim.
"Problems should be openly expressed, but positive improvements should not be neglected," she said. "There are many examples in Germany that show successful adaptation is taking place."
"There are many Turks living in Germany," Merkel said. "Most of them are third- and fourth-generation immigrants. I think they have adapted very well. ... I state this clearly: What we mean by adaptation is not forced assimilation and denying of one's cultural roots. When Turks have worries and problems, I am their chancellor, too."