Milk cartons have led to an outpouring of consumer anger in Austria because they are labeled in both German and Turkish, in a reaction that has baffled agriculture officials.

The discontented Austrians claim the bilingual milk cartons will encourage Turks living in Austria not to learn German and form a separate society.

The Austrian milk producer Noem has offered the bilingual packaging in some 300 supermarkets frequented by the Turkish community.

But the company's customer service has been deluged with negative reaction from Austrian consumers and the issue has become a hot topic on the websites of various media.

"I don't understand the reactions. It is in the interest of the Austrian economy and agriculture that we sell our products," said Agriculture Minister Nikolaus Berlakovich on Friday.

A group on the Facebook social networking site calling for a boycott on Noem's products had gathered some 2,261 supporters by Friday afternoon.

About 240,000 people of Turkish origin live in Austria which has a population of 8.3 million. The Turkish community is often singled out by the extreme right, which is the country's third biggest political faction garnering nearly 30 percent of the vote in the 2008 legislative elections.

The milk protest comes several days after another dispute over the desire of Muslim institutions, often associated with Turks in public opinion, to increase the number of mosques with minarets in Austria.