VAN – Radikal

Members of the BDP wear ski masks to protest security cameras. DHA photo
Local council members of the Peace and Democracy Party, or BDP, in Van surprised their fellow deputies Monday by attending a session with black ski masks over their faces to protest five security cameras that were recently installed in the meeting hall.
“We are not afraid of the cameras. Our political culture is always transparent,” said Faruk Gören, who spoke on behalf of the 23-person BDP group. “We are reacting at the fact that someone wants to keep us under control.”
Some 23 members of BDP attended Monday’s meeting at the Special Provincial Administration Congress Hall in the eastern Anatolian province.
“We would like to learn which law these cameras were installed under. What does the governor want to achieve by installing cameras everywhere?” asked Gören.
Gören said the camera were installed without their knowledge and added that according to the 12th and 16th articles of the Provincial Private Administration Working Law, security camera recordings can only be taken with the permission of assembly members.
The BDP members left the meeting after the statement was made while the Special Provincial Administration Assistant secretary general said the cameras would only record with the consent of the council members.