Amy, till to come across with her ex-husband, used to call junkies 'fool'
Her mother says Amy Winehouse was born in 10 minutes and she was always impatient. Her father Mitch says, their family lived in music and dance. So, it is not suprise that Amy began to sing when she was just above 1 year old.

How did she become a drug addict? Mitch Winehouse says he learned this when his friend called him and said 'your daughter smokes a joint on album photographs of Frank.' He says she began to smoke when she was 17 years old. When father Mitch met face to face with her, she said 'I am above 18 years old, so you do not lock me in house'".

Mitch Winehouse mentioned he followed his daughter via bodyguards and says till Amy came across with her ex-husband Blake Fielder Civil, she called junkies who used hard drugs 'fool'.

Daphne Barak, introduced Amy's life with these words in introduction part of her book 'Saving Amy'. Barak in her book writes about star's childhood, family relations, importance of her ex-husband Blake Fielder Civil in her life and reasons of drug addiction.This book relies on Barak's interview with both Winehouse and her family in London, Switzerland and St.Lucia.