CharactersIconMeaning another way :-) happy(--))very happy) :-Dbig smile :-Osurprised / o, no :-Ptongue sticking out:-p:p;-)wink :-(sad :-((very sad( :-/confused:-\ :">embarrassed :->vicious:> :-|undecided:| B-)wearing sunglasses :-Bwearing regular glasses / is a nerd:B X-(angryx-(X(x(:-Xin love:-x:X:xI-)asleep|-)I-| =;Talk to my hand @};-rose <)cowboy 8-Xskull =:-)alien= 0:-)angel >devil )clown:o):0)<@3:-Ocow3:-o3 |)monkey )pig) **==US-flag (~~)Pumpkin [-(cd arms / in a huff *-Light bulb :-$Shhh ~:>Chicken ~o)cup of coffee %%-lucky / clover b-(beat up >-peace :-&sick =*kiss:-*:* ;flirt / blink;;-) /:-)what / raise eyebrow/ (%)ying/yang o-+Yahoo Fighter - April o=>Yahoo Fighter- Billy o->Yahoo Fighter- Hiro :-Lmad [-o<praying [-XNo no no ><this much / hugging \/swinging / dancing =D>applause :-?thinking :^oliar:^O @-)hypnotized 8-|looking around / rolling eyes 8-}crazy (:|tired =p~drooling $-)money eyes :-"whistling #-odoh!