The script will remind you scheduled tasks. You can set recurring option to each task and also a sound to be played when the toast is displayed.

All Reminder+ features:
- adding, removing and editing tasks
- recurring option
- reminder for alarms which were due while you were not signed-in, Messenger was locked or you were away from the computer
- WIN+S hotkey to activate alarms window
- toggle the sound on/off and selecting a sound to be played

Help is accessible from the scripts menu under Reminder+ > Help.

Change log:
- added an option to change status when alarm is due
- added an option to change personal message when alarm is due
- added an option to change frequency and duration of the beeper
- added an option to display toasts when in status Busy or Appear Offline
- fixed Open dialog on Vista

- date and time format conforms to the regional settings
- the alarms window remembers its size and the width of columns.

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